Thinking about massage before or after flying?

Are you preparing for a long flight and dreading the experience? Whether you are flying regularly for business or just going on holiday, the effects of being cramped up in a plane for many hours can make you feel terrible.

Sore muscles from inactivity and restrictive seating as well as headaches from changes in altitude and pressure are common.

Preparation is the key and unfortunately, quite often the time leading up to a flight can be very busy cramming everything in and tidying up loose ends before you leave.

A preflight massage is a great way to unwind, reduce some of that stress or preflight nerves and for holiday makers to shift that mindset and start to relax.

Normally a full body massage is a great idea but focus on areas like the neck, back, lower legs and feet which will promote circulation and reduce tension in some of those troublesome spots.

Other things to remember during long flights

  • Move regularly, try stretching the legs and neck
  • Drink water
  • Wear some compression socks

Post flight massage is another great idea if you’re suffering jet lag or just feeling stiff. This may assist in resetting your body clock, promoting circulation and easing some of those sore muscles.

There are also a number of health considerations for receiving massage after flying so we recommend seeing a qualified therapist who will discuss these with you prior to treatment.