What to expect at your first massage

Entering our reception area you can comfortably sit and wait for your therapist to greet you.  Our reception is not always staffed so we have health forms conveniently located for you to take and fill in while you wait.  We try to be very punctual with appointment times so that you would rarely have to wait.

Your massage therapist will introduce themselves and invite you into the treatment room where they will discuss in private your areas of concern and any other relevant health conditions.  They may also perform some postural assessments and joint range of motion to determine muscle length and strength imbalances.  Then they will explain their planned massage treatment. You may ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have throughout this process and during your massage as our therapist is very experienced and capable of answering any of the queries you may have.

After explaining to you about the planned massage treatment your therapist will describe how they would like you positioned on the table and what clothing to remove.  Please be aware that you do not have to remove clothing if you do not want to.  Some clients prefer to remain clothed due to cultural and religious reasons whilst others just feel more comfortable remaining fully clothed throughout the massage.  That’s perfectly fine so either way, just let our therapist know your preference and they can perform the massage through your clothing if you wish.

They will then leave the room and allow you to get comfortable on the table.  We provide clean linen on our tables for every client and a thick bath sheet for draping to maintain warmth and modesty. During the massage the therapist will keep you covered with the bath sheet and only expose the area of the body which they will be working on to apply massage oil if required and perform massage strokes.  The therapist will inquire throughout the massage as to your comfort and may perform further muscle testing and ask further questions.

At the end of the massage the therapist will leave the room to allow you to dress and get comfortable then they will return to the room to give further feedback to you and make recommendations regarding any further massages you may require or exercises and stretches that can be performed at home.

You may then leave the room and finalize your payment.  Private health fund claims can be first made through our HICAPS terminal and then the balance can be paid via eftpos or cash.  our therapist is registered with all the major health funds.

We hope you enjoy your first visit to Alleviate Massage Therapy